People trained in single line of command organizations find it hard to serve more than one boss

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Special Problems Personnel connected with project forms of organization suffer more anxieties about possible loss of employment than members of functional organizations.

Individuals temporarily assigned to matrix organizations are more frustrated by authority ambiguity than permanent members of functional organizations. The first, labeled command and management, includes the traditional component of ICS (NIMS here uses ICS rather than the more conventional IMS term), plus a definition of “multiagency coordination systems” and “public information systems”.

No one in the Army has more to do with training soldiers than NCOs. Well trained soldiers will likely succeed and survive on the battlefield.

Both command and general military authority. Special Problems People trained in single line-of-command organizations find it hard to serve more than one boss. People may give lip service to teamwork, but not really know how to develop and maintain a good working team. Project and functional managers sometimes tend to compete rather than cooperate with.

* People trained in single-line-of-command organizations find it hard to serve more than one boss. Performance is difficult for many individuals in the project environment because it represents a change in the way of doing business.

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People trained in single line of command organizations find it hard to serve more than one boss
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