Teachers day celebration

List of Teachers' Days

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Ideas and Activities for Celebrating National Teacher Day

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Teachers' Day 2018

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Teacher's Day Celebrations

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A wide range of ideas are performed on this special occasion. Aug 30,  · Teachers' day is a day that is celebrated to appreciate and honor teachers for their contribution to society as well as imparting knowledge, guiding Reviews: Teacher's Day is a celebration time for students and a time to honor their teachers and make them feel very special on this day.

Presenting cultural programs, distributing sweets and playing games have traditionally been part. Teachers’ Day Celebration at Schools. Students in schools across India celebrate Teachers’ Day with great enthusiasm. Students dress up like their favourite teachers on this day and visit junior classes.

They are assigned different classes where they go and teach on this day.

List of Teachers' Days

This is great fun for both senior wing as well as junior wing. This special day at school began with a short Prayer Service, followed by an enjoyable variety programme dedicated to teachers. The highlighter of the programme included synchronized dance numbers, melodious songs, musical dance drama and a hilarious fashion show.

Teacher's Day is a celebration time for students and a time to honor their teachers and make them feel very special on this day. Presenting cultural programs, distributing sweets and playing games have traditionally been part of Teacher's Day program for a long time now.

Teachers’ Day celebrations are held on 5 th September each year in our country. It is the day when teachers can relax in the staff room and students embody their role to ensure discipline in the school.

Teachers day celebration
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