Write an absolute value inequality that has exactly one solution

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Write an absolute value inequality whose solution set is given by the interval notation:?

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Chapter 2 Linear Equations and Inequalities If there is exactly one solution, check your answer.

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If not, describe the solution. 11 1 1.) 24 2 2 2.) 2 63 8 3.) 3 4.)(3) 54 31 Write an absolute value inequality that represents the interval. Application Problems. absolute value. T he distance of a number from zero on a number line If one event has m possible outcomes and a second independent event has n possible outcomes, inequality An algebraic or numerical sentence that shows that two amounts are not equal Examples.

Determine whether the system of linear equations has one and only one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solution. 3x − y = −3 6x − 2y = 8 a) one and only one solution b) infinitely many solutions c) no solution can you please show the work.

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Introduction to Inequalities. Inequality tells us about the relative size of two values. Mathematics is not always about "equals", sometimes we only know that something is greater or less than.

Welcome to Analysis 1 Write down an inequality that has no solution. 1. Using Graphs Graphs can often indicate the solutions to an inequality. The use of graphs At school you were no doubt on good terms with the modulus, or absolute value, sign and were able to write useful things like j2j= 2 and j 2j= 2.

What you. Algebra 2 Honors - Chapter 1 Test Find a value of k for which the inequality has no solution. b. Find a value of k for which the inequality has exactly one solution.

c. Find a value of k for which a solution exists but for which the solution set does not include 5.

Write an absolute value inequality that has exactly one solution
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